July 23, 2020


  • Citroën’s Zitrön campaign in Germany for the Brand’s Centenary, won five awards at the Art Directors Club festival.
  • The most important creative competition in Germany rewards the Brand for this original campaign: renaming ‘Citroën’ ‘Zitrön’ to make it easier for Germans to pronounce the name. An ‘Inspired by You’ hoax that created a buzz !
  • To rediscover on https://youtu.be/2rA-BSuog7o

Do you remember: in 2019, Citroën was celebrating its Centenary but also changed its name… in Germany. Even if this change only lasted for the duration of a marketing campaign, it appealed to the jury of the Art Directors Club festival who has just rewarded it in five categories: PR (silver), Print Advertising (silver), Digital Communication (bronze), Brand Content (bronze), Media Relations (bronze).

The Zitrön campaign began on the 22nd July 2019 with a video featuring a German dealer in the midst of the changes brought about by the new name: point-of-sale posters, business cards, etc. Digital was not to be outdone, with the adaptation of all the Brand’s digital media (website, social networks, etc.) for 3 days, for a campaign 100% Inspired By Germans !
The campaign “The end of an era: Citroën becomes Zitrön” was accompanied by a competition involving a Citroën SUV C5 Aircross model, renamed Zitrön Z5 Aircross for the occasion. To rediscover on https://youtu.be/2rA-BSuog7o

A second video completed the buzz in Germany with a vox pop carried out on the occasion of a gathering around the Brand’s Centenary, in which visitors were invited to pronounce “Citroën”, not without difficulty, but always in a good mood!

To rediscover on https://youtu.be/wtgSIbXvDoA

In addition, the Zitrön campaign recently received a silver award at the festivals of New York (‘Creative Marketing Strategy’ category) and the Digital Max Awards (‘PR and Brand Content’ category).