September 17, 2017


After a year of studies, calculations and design, Citroën Racing carries out the first tests of development of the C3 R5. 100% new product for customer competition, the Citroën C3 R5 aims to become the new benchmark in its class.

“Since 2013, the R5 regulations devised by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile have led to the emergence of a new generation of rally cars. Designed for private teams and pilots, these low-cost products are often referred to as “”mini-WRC”” because of their technical data: four-wheel drive, 1.6 turbo engine with direct injection of about 280 hp, sequential gearbox … Pillar of the refounding of the competition-customers range of Citroën Racing, the C3 R5 will soon join the fight!

The design of the Citroën C3 R5 began about a year ago. In addition to the work carried out by the engineering and design department, most of the mechanical components have been tested in real-life conditions on laboratory vehicles running since the beginning of the year.


“”For the first run of the complete car, we are already close to the definition that will be offered to customers. These tests are carried out on land, on a sufficiently varied terrain to test the robustness and begin the development of the basic settings, “”explains Pierre Budar, Director of Competitive Vehicle Development. “”There is a direct link between the C3 R5 and the C3 WRC: thus, the cage of the two cars was designed by the same engineer. Some solutions have been renewed, adapting them to regulatory constraints and small-scale production. Similarly, the engine was developed internally, starting from the base of the series offering the best potential for performance and reliability. The whole must form a homogeneous product, able to meet the ambitions of customers who will choose the Citroën C3 R5. “”


After this first test session, Citroën Racing will continue to develop the C3 R5 on the ground as well as on the asphalt, using different pilot profiles to achieve a truly versatile product. Approval with the FIA ​​will take place in 2018.