September 10, 2014

Divine DS

Divine DS, capturing the essence of the DS Brand

A symbol of French luxury, the concept car Divine DS captivates at first glance, with its powerful, charismatic and sensual styling body style. Divine DS is a meeting of two prestigious houses, combining their expertise and creativity to achieve a perfect alchemy meeting the highest standards of quality: Swarovski, the reference in crystals, and Lesage, the master of embroidery.

Looking beyond personalisation, Divine DS introduces ‘Hypertypage’, a new concept for an interchangeable inteiror ambience. In under fifteen minutes,  change the dashboard and door scrolls to meet your requirements. Three “dress codes” are available:

– Are you in the mood for  “Mâle”,  “Parisienne Chic” or “Fatale Punk”?

Divine DS features a sophisticated, high-tech interior and a 270 bhp engine that reflects its dynamic character while respecting the environment, with CO2 emissions of 145g/km.

Divine DS is a perfect alliance between technological excellence and avant-garde design.