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C_42, Citroën’s international showcase

01_Vitrine-internationaleEnjoy a new experience at C_42, Citroën’s international showcase at 42 avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris. More than 10 million visitors have already discovered this unique, entertaining and educational location since it opened in 2007.

Number 42 avenue des Champs-Élysées has been the property of Citroën since 1927. Over the years, it has been a branch, a restaurant and a showroom. In 2007, it was restored to its original role as Citroën’s international showcase.

Offering an exceptional view of Paris, a lounge area, exhibitions and a Racing area, C_42 also encourages communication and discussion around Citroën.
The exhibitions illustrate the past and present of the Marque and also reflect its vision of the future for cars.

The glass architecture of C_42

02_Architecture-de-verreThis original showcase is set among the late 19th century buidings of the Champs-Élysées. It is the only building to be dedicated to a single brand. The C_42 project was designed and developed by architect Manuelle Gautrand following an international competition.

Designed to illustrate Citroën’s innovative drive, the C_42 is a transparent envelope with soaring chevrons on the facade, illustraitng the brand’s creativity. This glass envelopes houses a “tree of cars”‘ presenting the products and current events.

C_42, a living showcase changing with the “seasons” of the brand

03_C42,-une-vitrine-vivante...Every season takes visitors inside a new theme: presentation of a new product, sporting commitments, key Citroën values such as the environment, Créative Technologie, etc.

The premises also include key areas that remain accessible throughout the seasons. On the top floor of the building, the Citroën Social Club lets you enjoy real time Citroën news on social networks. On level -1, experiment the strong sensations of a competition driver onboard of the DS3 WRC with Citroën Racing 4D Movie.